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Complete air sampling device with pump, stand, thoracic selector head and fan, designed to

Air Testing & 4-Stage

Clearance Procedures

At Squared Circle, we offer a full/comprehensive range of air testing and four stage clearance services to ensure clients have access to independent professionals regardless of their reason/requirement to test the air for Asbestos fibres.

Our air testing service providers are UKAS accredited to 17025 and are carry out the work in accordance with HSE guidance including HSG248 Asbestos: The analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures and in-house procedures.

The following testing services are available:

  • Personal air testing

  • Background air testing

  • Leak air testing

  • Reassurance air testing

  • 4 Stage Clearance Procedures (leading to the certificate of re-occupation)

  • UKAS accredited services for all Air Testing & 4 Stage Clearance

  • Asbestos Remedial Specification & Tendering Package

  • Project Managing Analysts

  • Removal Contractor Site Audits

  • Electronic Certification with Photographic Evidence

  • Nationwide Coverage

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