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Close up of pieces grey asbestos and fibers. Roof tiles and yellow barrier tape. Warning_

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Works fall into three categories:

  • Category B Trained Non-Licensed Asbestos Work – Usually does not require notification (dependent upon the project details)

  • Category B Trained Notifiable Non-Licensed Asbestos Work – Notification is required to the HSE prior to work commencing

  • Category C Notifiable Licensed Asbestos Work – Notification is required to the enforcing authority a minimum of 14 days prior to works commencing. In addition to all of the above and regardless of category, the works will require a risk assessment covering all site risks that may be encountered during the works.

We can help you to maximise quality and limit the cost of removal work by managing the contractor procurement process whilst guiding and monitoring the removal contractor. Tendering from our approved asbestos contractors list ensures that a reputable, reliable asbestos removal company is selected. This ensures that the highest quality asbestos work is performed for the best possible price.

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