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Risk Assessment

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 & The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations (COSHH) also in compliance with the HSE guidance documents  Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8HSG 274), duty holders, including employers and landlords must ensure the health and safety of their employees or others who may be affected by their undertaking as a legal requirement, this includes the risk imposed by water quality and legionella bacteria.

Our team are specialists in the control of legionella and water hygiene. Our aim is to support all responsible for water hygiene compliance: our highly experienced team can provide a full range of services to ensure your water system is safe, compliant and efficient!  We can carry out a detailed ‘legionella risk assessment’ which is the best way to identify the level of risk within a building’s water system. The risk assessment will identify the further actions that may need to be taken, including the ongoing control measures that should be in place to ensure the water system is kept in a safe state and any ‘remedial’ actions that should be carried out to lower risk of legionnaires' disease & work toward compliance.


During the Legionella risk assessment carried out by one of our qualified and highly experienced assessors, we will undertake a complete survey of the premises paying particular attention to the areas which may be a potential risk source (stored water, cooling towers, hot water systems, spray systems, non-compliant fittings and installation). The survey will investigate the design, condition, existing control measures and the site specific commitment to risk management. Our assessor will need to be given access to as much of the building as possible to ensure the report and schematic drawing is as accurate as possible. The final document will outline the specific risk to the buildings water system and how to manage it. The document will detail a site specific control scheme detailing all on-going tasks needed to reduce bacteria growth and any one off ‘remedial’ actions necessary. The Legionella risk assessment will outline the risk associated to your site’s water system explaining how and why there is a risk and outlining the best course of action to lower risk and reach compliance. A bespoke schematic drawing of the water system will be carried out and presented alongside the report. All our assessments are carried out in line with the HSE’s ACoP L8 & HSG 274 guidelines.


  • Conditions of water systems on site

  • Level of risk associated with water systems

  • List of recommendations detailing remedial actions required to attain compliance with the current legislation

  • Validity of legionella control scheme and records

  • An up to date water asset register

  • Schematic drawings of water systems

  • Water temperature profiling of site

  • Details of management personnel

  • Schedule of legionella control tasks

Is a Legionella Risk Assessment a legal requirement?

Employers and landlords have certain legal responsibilities when it comes to assessing and controlling the risk of Legionella exposure. If methods of Legionella testing and control measures using HSE guidance are not carried out accurately, they could face fines and legal action.  Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens are responsible for causing a significant amount of serious health conditions and deaths each year, the guidance set out by the HSE are effective methods in ensuring water systems can be kept as safe as possible to all. A Legionella Risk Assessment is a key step toward making the water systems in your building/workplace are safe.

Do I need a Legionella Risk Assessment for my business?

Yes!  All UK businesses need a Legionella Risk Assessment. The document should provide you with a list of actions/recommendations, a scheme of control in which should be implemented to site and a risk rating.  A Legionella Risk Assessment cost can be anything between £200 - £1000+ depending on the size and type of building.

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