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Monitoring Services


An essential element of compliance with the HSE guidance documents ACoP L8 & HSG274, is continuous routine monitoring of your water system.


We provide all the services your water system may require to be compliant. These include:


  • Monthly water system monitoring

  • Quarterly shower & spray outlet de-scaling/disinfection

  • Inspection and maintenance of storage tanks, cylinders and vessels

  • Maintenance and servicing of plant and fittings e.g. TMVs (thermostatic mixing valves)

  • Water sampling and result analysis


We will build you a complete Legionella control scheme which details all the requirements needed for compliance on your site. These requisite tasks either need to be carried out by trained and competent site staff or contracted to a specialist service provider. We offer a range service packages from monthly site visits to annual audits and inspections specifically tailored to your requirements.


We will provide a full site log book where all the required control and legionella monitoring tasks and data will be recorded. Where contracted to do so, one of our engineers will visit site to carry out the monitoring and/or maintenance as per the control scheme schedule and record all works and findings in the provided site ‘water hygiene’ logbook. All of this information is also made available electronically via the  portal ‘log in’ provided.

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