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Water Sampling & Testing


Our team offers a range of water sampling services. These are either completed by one of our engineers visiting site or we also offer a ‘DIY’ postal sample kit which you will receive through the post, follow the included instructions and simply post the pre-paid & labelled package.

There are many reasons why water samples may need to be taken and is the only way to detect the level of any harmful bacteria that may be present.

All our water samples are tested in UKAS accredited laboratories, as standard, and we are able to carry out a wide range of microbiological tests. Our water quality testing - microbiological sampling is commonly tested for Legionella, TVC – Total Viable Counts, Coliforms, Ecoli & Pseudomonas. Below are just some of the water systems that we can test for levels of bacteria, including legionella:

  • Drinking water samples (including water dispensers and coffee machines)

  • Hot and cold water systems

  • Cold water storage tanks

  • Hot water cylinders

  • Water heaters

  • Dental units

  • Swimming pools

  • Spa baths

  • Cooling towers

  • Emergency showers

  • Eye wash units

  • Water fountains

  • Vending machine

  • Closed water systems

  • Private water supplies including borehole

All result analysis will be communicated as soon as possible. If positive results are detected they will be communicated immediately, we will provide guidance on the best course of action to be taken in this scenario.

What is Microbiological water sampling?

Microbiological water sampling is an important feature of any control scheme. BS8554:2015 provides a number of circumstances where sampling is required:


  • one-off sampling for compliance.

  • ad hoc sampling for verification.

  • sampling for investigation.

  • random sampling and;

  • identification and implementation of schemes for commissioning, routine and investigative monitoring of water quality.

Why do we carry out water sampling?

Water sampling carried out on a routine basis or when conditions other control measures are lost is the most effective way to determine water quality. Microbiological water testing provides us with a snapshot of water quality, at the time taken. This can be used to check if other control measures are effective and provide evidence that water systems are functioning safely.

Water sampling on a periodic basis is a great to demonstrate that your water hygiene management and legionella control schemes are suitable and sufficient. A well maintained history of all control measures, via a logbook alongside the routine sampling analysis is an excellent way to demonstrate good management of safe and compliant water systems.

All of our microbiological water samples are tested by UKAS accredited laboratories. We carry out a full range of sampling options for all types of water system.

Can water samples be routinely collected from our site?

Yes. We are continuously collecting water samples for testing at our UKAS lab across the country for a range of microbiological testing. We can set up scheduled visits for our engineers to routinely visit your sites to carry out the required sampling. Contact the team now to set this up.

What is TVC in water testing?

This analysis; Aerobic Colony Count, also known as TVC (Total Viable Count) which can give an indication of the general quality of the water.

What does a high TVC count mean?

What does a high TVC count mean? A high TVC count, for example 10,00 cfu (colony forming units) per ml of water, signals that there is a high concentration of microorganisms in the water and that the system may be suffering from biofilm contamination.


Remedial works often need to be carried out to improve efficiency and decrease risk on every type of water system. Whether faults, risks or inefficiency issues present themselves or they are raised by a legionella risk assessment they often need to be rectified by a qualified specialist.

We have highly skilled and experienced engineers ready to carry out any remedial works that may be needed to ensure your water systems are fully compliant, safe and efficient.

Our team also offer a full range of servicing and maintenance services to keep water systems working efficiently and meet compliance. E.g. It is required to frequently service and maintain TMVs (thermostatic mixing valves) to ensure water hygiene is kept and the valve continues to work efficiently as a safety device.

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